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Macon clinic holds amputees training class - Brittany Collins, WGXA TV

Macon clinic holds amputees training class

by Brittany Collins

Thursday, June 15th 2017



MACON, Ga. -- The Amputee Prosthetic Clinic in Macon held its first training class for amputees on Thursday.
Its purpose is to teach amputees how to walk properly and stay fit while wearing a prosthetic leg.
Walking wasn't hard for Don Dixon when he first wore a prosthetic leg in 2014.
"What was difficult was learning how to balance yourself," Dixon said. "Especially on uneven ground. You've got to be careful with that."
Dixon said for now he's trying to figure out how to stay active, which is he he decided to come to the training class.
"When I go fishing to Florida. I have to let my son in-law find it," Dixon said. "Well, that's no fun."
Trainer Jimmy Bridges said if an amputee sits down all day, their body will shut down.
"You're not growing and once you've quite using those muscles your ligament starts to tighten up and then they go reverse," Bridges said.
Amputee Prosthetic Clinic Jim Young said once you wear a prosthetic, you have to learn the basics.
"You've got to be able to crawl, do basic trouble shooting," Young said. "Like, if I'm on the floor, how do I get off the floor? That's one of the first things a baby masters when they're learning how stand up."
Bridges said it's important to work upper body strength.
"Then we'll take the two to three pound weights and do curls," Bridges said. "That's strengthening the arms. Again, we'll take the same weights and do shoulders. Then we'll do the half."
Everyone learns how to gain strength at different levels, but staying persistence is the key for improvement.
"Sometimes that weakness is realizing that you're not putting in the effort to realize that you're not being successful," Young said.
The classes will be held every third Thursday of the month.


Congrats to Travis on His Graduation!

Our youngest son Travis just graduated with his Masters in Orthotics and Prosthetics last month. He is currently working on his Orthotic residency. Congrats Travis we are so proud of you!!!


Transforming Transfemoral Patient Care

In the 18 years we have provided microprocessor controlled knee to amputees we have noted a significant reduction in stumbles and falls! This has proven to be game changing technology for those of us who depend on our prosthetic devices.

Offering Amputee Fitness Classes Every Thursday

Starting Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 6:30 PM we will be hosting a amputee fitness class in our Macon office. Jim Young and Jimmy Bridges will tag team to present the program. Jim is a Prosthetist with and undergraduate degree in Sports medicine and athletic training and former National pentathlon champion. Jimmy is a personal trainer and former professional minor league baseball player. The program will start with the fundamentals of human mobility, and we will evaluate each attendee to help develop a program to meet their mobility goals.

We plan to meet the third Thursday of each month to monitor progress and tweak the conditioning program of all participants.

See you there!

Guess Who's In The Office today?

Negan and Lucille are in the office today!

The Current State of Prosthetics - Jim Interviewed

Scroll over to page 42 of the Stanislaus Magazine using the link provided to read the most current article that Jim has been interviewed for over the current state of Prosthetics: Read here

Albany office NOW open!

The Albany office is now open and firing on all cylinders, all storm damage repaired!

Albany Office Temporarily Closed Due to Storm

Amputee prosthetic clinic's Albany location is temporarily closed due to damaged utilities from this weeks storm. The power company is telling us it could be 3-7 days before the power will be back on. Repairs are currently being made. If any one requires immediate services call 1-229-387-6600. We appreciate your understanding regarding this situation. We hope that our friends and neighbors in the area are safe and well!


For the first time we are close to getting The Medicare O&P Improvement Act passed. We really need everyone to log on to www.AOPAvotes.org and send emails to your legislators. Your participation CAN make a difference. We saw that when we all banded together to stop the LCD changes taking prosthetic care back to the 1970's. We finally have a CBO score of zero which means that this bill will not have any economic impact good or bad on the budget. 

This bill reduces fraud and aligns provider qualifications to patient needs. Please like and share this post with all your family and friends.

- Jim Young

Amputee Prosthetics Provides State-of-The-Art Prosthetic to Young Woman in Macon

Macon woman celebrates one year with state-of-the-art prosthetic


By Brittany Collins


MACON, Ga. -- Doctors amputated Jaqualla Shepard's leg when she was just one month old.
Walking used to be painful for her because she used a wooden leg.
"The strap would rub up against my skin and look kind of damaged back there," Shepard said.
One year ago at age 24, she tried a new device called the Kenevo Knee, making her the first person in the Southeast region of the country to wear it.
Shepard now said she's able to experience more than just walking. "Now I can wear it longer, for two to five hours," said Shepard.
"It just radiates from her, the new confidence," said Jim Young with the Amputee Prosthetic Clinic.
With the Kenevo Knee she's taken over half a million steps, something she couldn't do in the past.
Even working at Kroger's was hard for her before the new prosthetic.
"I just started doing two floor sweeps which means you have to go down the whole store and sweep it up with a long broom for 45 minutes each," Shepard said.
Young the special knee makes it easier for Shepard to walk without tripping.
"It analyzes that data 1,200 times a second to figure out what she's doing," Young said. "It anticipates based on the input from the data the needs for her from her knee."
The Kenevo Knee makes it easier for Shepard to get ready for her day, too. It charges overnight and attaches easily.
She's also able to exercise each day for about half an hour.
"Compared to my other leg, I wouldn't work out at all because it was wooden and you couldn't bend it," Shepard said.
She also gained something else with the new knee.
"I do feel more confident and I feel like I'm not going to fall," Shepard said.
Her next goal is to get up stairs more quickly. Studies show the Kenevo Knee reduces stumbles and falls by atleast 75 percent.