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Macon clinic holds amputees training class - Brittany Collins, WGXA TV

Macon clinic holds amputees training class

by Brittany Collins

Thursday, June 15th 2017



MACON, Ga. -- The Amputee Prosthetic Clinic in Macon held its first training class for amputees on Thursday.
Its purpose is to teach amputees how to walk properly and stay fit while wearing a prosthetic leg.
Walking wasn't hard for Don Dixon when he first wore a prosthetic leg in 2014.
"What was difficult was learning how to balance yourself," Dixon said. "Especially on uneven ground. You've got to be careful with that."
Dixon said for now he's trying to figure out how to stay active, which is he he decided to come to the training class.
"When I go fishing to Florida. I have to let my son in-law find it," Dixon said. "Well, that's no fun."
Trainer Jimmy Bridges said if an amputee sits down all day, their body will shut down.
"You're not growing and once you've quite using those muscles your ligament starts to tighten up and then they go reverse," Bridges said.
Amputee Prosthetic Clinic Jim Young said once you wear a prosthetic, you have to learn the basics.
"You've got to be able to crawl, do basic trouble shooting," Young said. "Like, if I'm on the floor, how do I get off the floor? That's one of the first things a baby masters when they're learning how stand up."
Bridges said it's important to work upper body strength.
"Then we'll take the two to three pound weights and do curls," Bridges said. "That's strengthening the arms. Again, we'll take the same weights and do shoulders. Then we'll do the half."
Everyone learns how to gain strength at different levels, but staying persistence is the key for improvement.
"Sometimes that weakness is realizing that you're not putting in the effort to realize that you're not being successful," Young said.
The classes will be held every third Thursday of the month.