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Amputee Prosthetics Provides State-of-The-Art Prosthetic to Young Woman in Macon

Macon woman celebrates one year with state-of-the-art prosthetic


By Brittany Collins


MACON, Ga. -- Doctors amputated Jaqualla Shepard's leg when she was just one month old.
Walking used to be painful for her because she used a wooden leg.
"The strap would rub up against my skin and look kind of damaged back there," Shepard said.
One year ago at age 24, she tried a new device called the Kenevo Knee, making her the first person in the Southeast region of the country to wear it.
Shepard now said she's able to experience more than just walking. "Now I can wear it longer, for two to five hours," said Shepard.
"It just radiates from her, the new confidence," said Jim Young with the Amputee Prosthetic Clinic.
With the Kenevo Knee she's taken over half a million steps, something she couldn't do in the past.
Even working at Kroger's was hard for her before the new prosthetic.
"I just started doing two floor sweeps which means you have to go down the whole store and sweep it up with a long broom for 45 minutes each," Shepard said.
Young the special knee makes it easier for Shepard to walk without tripping.
"It analyzes that data 1,200 times a second to figure out what she's doing," Young said. "It anticipates based on the input from the data the needs for her from her knee."
The Kenevo Knee makes it easier for Shepard to get ready for her day, too. It charges overnight and attaches easily.
She's also able to exercise each day for about half an hour.
"Compared to my other leg, I wouldn't work out at all because it was wooden and you couldn't bend it," Shepard said.
She also gained something else with the new knee.
"I do feel more confident and I feel like I'm not going to fall," Shepard said.
Her next goal is to get up stairs more quickly. Studies show the Kenevo Knee reduces stumbles and falls by atleast 75 percent.